98001 KIT  Kool-it Coolant Treatment additive and Coolant flush KIT 16oz.
98001 KIT  Kool-it Coolant Treatment additive and Coolant flush KIT 16oz.

98001 KIT Kool-it Coolant Treatment additive and Coolant flush KIT 16oz.

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Is chemically engineered to reduce the surface tension of coolant, penetrating metal surfaces at vital heat transfer areas. This decreases operating temperatures and significantly reduces the possibility of overheating.

Due to its unique chemical composition, Kool-it is also very effective preventing damage from electrolysis, corrosion, and pitting. The overwhelming majority of failures associated with aluminum radiators found in most newer vehicles are due to corrosion. This corrosion is a result of deficient chemical protection within the coolant.

Kool-it is the easiest and most cost-effective way to protect radiators and heater cores preventing warranty claims. Kool-it is compatible with all types of antifreeze, providing total cooling system protection.

Protects all metals from electrolysis * Provides unsurpassed cooling system corrosion protection * Enhances heat transfer and reduces operating temperatures * Prevents deposits and

contamination which leads to overheating * Reduces water pump, impeller and intake manifold pitting * Reduces wet-sleeve cylinder liner cavitation erosion * Corrects coolant pH balance * Only coolant protectant with built-in pH indicator (for use only in straight water applications) *

Is chemically formulated to circulate thought the cooling system and quickly remove scale, rust,

mineral deposits and combustion by-products from the coolant system and radiator of a car or truck. Radiators use coolants primarily composed of anti-freeze and water. The water contains

minerals that form deposits on the metal surfaces of your cooling system and radiator over time. These deposits will reduce the heat transfer rate which can cause overheating. The deposits can also cause corrosion and abrasive erosion of the cooling system components and reduce the efficiency and life of the anti-freeze.

Quickly and safely removes scum, oily residue, sediments, rust, deposits and other

degradation products from the cooling system of any car or truck. Safe for all cooling systems

including aluminum radiators. Maximizes the cooling system’s efficiency. Contains corrosion and rust inhibitors. Does not contain acid so it will not require neutralizers. Safe and easy to use.